Insulation Services


All Gas Heating, Bathrooms & Plumbing carry out attic insulation and internal wall insulation ie dry lining. You can save up to 20% on your heating bills with attic insulation. Up to 25% of your heat can be lost by poorly insulated walls. You can reduce this by properly insulating your external walls with dry lining.

Grants of €300 for attic insulation and from €1,200 to €2,400 for dry lining are available under the Better Energy Homes Scheme.


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Questions Our Customers Ask Us About Our Insulation Services

What is involved in attic insulation?
We lay insulation to a depth of 270/300mm on the attic floor space both between and across the ceiling joists. We can also provide an insulated floored section of attic space to continue to allow you use the attic for storage if you wish.

What is involved in dry lining?
Internal insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation with a plasterboard finish to the internal surfaces of external walls.

Do I have to do the full attic or all the walls in order to get the grant?
In order to qualify for the grant you have to carry out the optimum solution. In other words if none of your attic is insulated you have to insulate the full attic up to the required standard. If it is already partially insulated you can get the grant if you carry out the remaining insulation to the required standard.

In the case of dry lining all external walls must be insulated. If some walls already have been insulated you just have to insulate the remaining external walls.

How can I get a quotation for insulation?

We will provide a free quotation for installing insulation in your home or attic.
Contact us and we will make an appointment to suit you to call out and survey your home,
provide a quotation and let you know about the grant.