Do you have a central heating system that constantly needs bleeding, needs to be re-pressurised very frequently and think you might have a leak but is not visible?

If so do you have concrete floors or do you have tiles or floorboards that you don’t want to take up to find it?

For a relatively small cost, we can install a chemical called Oxypic into your system that stops small leaks and prevents air coming into the system. We have tested this product in a number of homes where we have been called to sort out long-standing problems of regular loss of pressure leading to water leaks and or radiators not heating properly, the boiler cutting out, air in radiators etc.

We have found great success with this product to stop leaks in central heating systems.. We have had 100% success to date where we have advised its use. We can confidently say that small leaks will disappear in 70-80% of cases. This product also protects the system from scaling and rust into the future – which is the main cause of radiator blockages. It is suitable for all pipe types and all boiler types.

Stop Leaks in Central Heating Systems