grants-and-tax-backGRANTS are available from the SEAI under the Better Energy Homes Scheme for boiler replacement together with heating controls upgrade, heating controls upgrade on their own as well as for insulation and solar water heating.

For the elderly and people with impaired mobility local Councils operate grant schemes for heating and bathrooms. Our work qualifies for all of these schemes.

The following gives full details on all schemes.


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  • Heating controls upgrade
  • Insulation
  • Solar water heating.
  • BER assessments (now mandatory for all Better Energy Homes Scheme grants)
  • €700 for heating controls upgrade
  • €400 for roof insulation; €400 cavity insulation; €1,600 to €2,400 internal wall insulation; €2,750 to €6,000 external wall insulation.
  • €1200 for solar water heating.
  • €50 for an after works BER assessment.
  • It is open to all owners of houses built before 2006. Owner occupiers and landlords may apply. Landlords can apply for a separate grant for each of their houses.
The grant can be applied for online at online here. Our Registration number is 10022. If the application is made on line grant approval is immediate upon application.  If you are having any difficulty with the application process  contact us and we will guide you with your application.
Yes. The SEAI require that a BER assessment is obtained after the upgrade work is carried out in the case of all grant applications. They will give €50 towards the cost of the BER assessment.
As soon as the SEAI have approved your application and you accept their offer, Allgas Heating, Bathrooms & Plumbing can start the work.
Contact us for a quotation for an upgrade of your heating and other measures e.g. insulation which you are interested in.
After the work is completed we will issue you with a receipt for payment and complete our part of the Declaration of Works form (DOW) which SEAI will have sent to you. The DOW form will have to be completed and signed by the BER assessor and signed by you before you send it to the SEAI to obtain the grant. SEAI will then make a payment to you of the grant amount.

Grants are available from local councils for downstairs toilets, level access showers etc for people with disabilities and people with mobility issues. Click here for information on grants from Dublin City Council.
We have completed many bathrooms for people with disabilities or mobility issues and fully understand individual requirements.  We can provide advice on how best to adapt or design your bathroom to meet all your needs while still giving you a luxurious and welcoming bathroom.  We are happy to provide you with a free quotation.

Grants for elderly people are also available from local councils for a full heating system where there is no heating system or for a boiler replacement where a boiler is beyond repair.  Click here for information on Grants from Dublin City Council.