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Boiler Service

Allgas are experts in gas boiler servicing. With over 37 years experience in servicing gas boilers throughout Dublin you can be confident of a professional reliable service. We will arrange your boiler service on a day and time to suit you from as little as €110. We will do so every year for you to keep it in as best condition as possible


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All our plumbers are fully registered RGII Registered Installers and work to the highest professional and technical standards. A RGII Declaration of Conformance is issued with every boiler service in line with legal requirements. Our fitters have been trained by ourselves and regularly attend boiler manufacturer training courses so as to keep up to date with new boilers and new boiler technology. We are fully insured and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Continuity of Service

With dedicated service and repair fitters you will be provided with continuity of service and we will build up a detailed knowledge of your boiler and system and so will be able to accurately diagnose and solve any problems you may encounter. We will also advise you on how to get the best out of your boiler and heating system and any enhancements which you might like to consider. We offer a full upgrade & repair service.

Full Service

Unlike other boiler service companies who only service the boiler and will not
check or carry out any work on radiators, pump etc., should additional work be
required, when we service your boiler we check the operation of the full heating

Regular servicing extends the life of your boiler as well as minimizing breakdowns and ensuring safety. Boiler manufacturers, RGII and the SEAI recommend annual servicing of gas boilers. The boiler service ensures that your boiler is working properly and efficiently and is working to the specifications designed by the boiler manufacturer. It also helps prolong the life of the boiler and reduce the risk of breakdowns. In addition early faults can be detected and fixed before they result in long term damage to the boiler.
According to the SEAI a boiler service can save you up to €150 annually on your gas bill.
Dirt builds up causing bad combustion and the flame becomes yellow. A yellow flame does not give out as much heat as a blue flame but your boiler is still burning the same amount of gas. This makes your boiler inefficient increasing your heating bills. In addition, fans stick and burn out and screws seize, basically taking years off the life of your boiler. In the newer condensing boilers the condense trap becomes clogged and this can lead to boiler breakdown.

Quite simply our expertise, experience, professionalism and courtesy and the back-up of over 37 years experience.

There are many reasons why heating systems have poor performance. Some reasons include air in the system, the system not balanced properly, incorrect piping on installation or when changes were made to the system e.g. an extra radiator etc. or sludge in the system.

We will vent your radiators when we service your boiler to get air out of them and we can advise you on any changes in piping that may be required.

Sludge deposits in a large percentage of older systems can affect the efficiency of boilers and heating systems. Many heating systems were not originally chemically protected with corrosion inhibitors and this has led to radiators not heating properly and needing to be vented very regularly, water leaks etc. A small investment in chemical flushing your system can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and comfort in your home.

Landlords have a responsibility under Statutory Instrument SI.534 of 2008 (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2008 to ensure that the gas installation in a rented house or apartment is maintained in good repair and safe working order.

The Technical Guidance Document in relation to this Regulation states that a current Declaration of Conformance certificate for an I.S. 813 Annex E inspection issued by a Registered Gas Installer for the gas installation in the house or apartment will prove compliance with the regulation.

All Gas Heating, Bathrooms and Plumbing will, if required to carry out an Annex E inspection with annual boiler servicing and issue a Declaration of Conformance Certificate. We offer a discount to landlords with multiple properties.

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“Allgas have been servicing my boiler for 20 years. I completely trust them and wouldn’t have anyone else. Their service is excellent.”

Mary, Drumcondra, boiler service

“I have always had my boiler serviced by Allgas and I have found them to be totally reliable and professional. I wouldn’t have anyone else service my boiler.”

Derek, Artane, boiler service