The World Health Organisation (WHO) has determined that NO lead in drinking water is safe.

Lead in drinking water affects unborn and young children’s cognitive abilities and renal functions much more than adults, although years of exposure in adults can have serious consequences especially in  people with diabetes and other underlying conditions

In Dublin most houses built before 1970 have lead services unless they have been replaced by the homeowner. Lead can also be found in internal plumbing. Lead from water pipes can dissolve into the drinking water.

  • Raheny  has 18 out of 20 houses with the highest lead in drinking water content found in Dublin according to Bord Uisce.
  • One of these houses had 82 times the current Irish limit.
  • Bord Uisce, WHO, the EPA and the HSE recommend that all lead piping be replaced.
  • Bord Uisce has also said that many schools, public buildings, creches etc, will face their water being cut off unless they renew their old lead supplies.

Between 1968 and 1974 when lead was still in petrol, a new large intersection called spaghetti junction was built in Birmingham, bringing significantly increased traffic and consequently significantly increased lead emissions from petrol. Lead levels doubled in the population in the surrounding area and the academic achievements of young schoolchildren went off a cliff.

Allgas can inspect your plumbing to check if there is lead piping.  We can also check for lead in the drinking water even if the lead piping is not visible with a purpose made test kit.

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