Are you looking to replace your gas boiler, but don’t know where to start? A new boiler can provide a more efficient and cheaper way of heating your water and your home giving a greater level of comfort and reliability. If your boiler is more than 14 years old it is most likely a standard efficiency boiler which has an efficiency level of 75% or less.

Some old boilers can be at an efficiency level of 60% due to their age. All new boilers now are high efficiency condensing boilers with an efficiency level of 92% approximately.

It is essential to consider various types of boilers, their investments, and whether an upgrade is necessary before making a decision. Should you get a Combi, Heat only or System boiler? Assessing both your current boiler’s efficiency and your property type are foundational steps when considering the right gas boiler for you.
You may also wish to future proof your boiler by considering any possible future extension of your property.

Replacing your gas boiler can provide great long-term savings. Seeking out trusted warranties from installation companies can ensure customers are happy with their new boiler investment. Reviewing these considerations before replacing any gas boiler can ensure maximum efficiency when heating your home.


It is important to consider the warranty and back-up service before you purchase a new gas boiler. Most manufacturers provide comprehensive warranties that range up to ten years. For example the Ideal Logic Max has a ten year parts and labour guarantee. You want to make sure that you choose an installation company and manufacturer who can provide a reliable and efficient back-up and warranty service that will take care of any problems if they arise with your new boiler in the future.

Logic Max Gas Boiler

High Efficiency Logic Max Boiler

System and Heat Only Boilers

The majority of boilers installed in Ireland now are System boilers. The benefits of a System boiler is that old parts of your central heating system such as pump, safety valve etc. are no longer needed as these parts are now contained within the boiler itself. For example you may have an old pump on your central heating system that may fail in the future whereas with a new System Boiler has a new pump built into it.

Heat Only boilers with a new separate pump are recommended in larger properties and the pump in the System boiler may not be sufficient to ensure adequate heat throughout your home. This would also be the case in properties that have poor circulation in the existing central heating system.

Toasty Warm In Your Home

Water on Demand and Combi Boilers

A combi-boiler might be suitable if you want instant hot water and it would be cost effective to run as it only heats water when there’s demand for it as opposed to heating and storing hot water in a hot water cylinder with a System or Heat Only boiler. However because Ireland does not have high pressure water mains a booster pump is required with a Combi boiler to ensure adequate and consistent hot water pressure in your taps, shower etc. A greater initial investment will be needed for a combi boiler due to necessary changes in pipework and booster pump.

Central Heating Boiler Capabilities

It is important to have your boiler output correctly sized for the heating requirements of your home. A boiler that is too small in output will not adequately heat your home. A boiler that has a larger output than needed can be inefficient.

Boiler Investment

Consulting with qualified professionals before investing in a new boiler can give clear guidance on what kind of expenditure is involved over different types of boilers available today.

In conclusion, when considering replacing your existing gas boiler, it’s essential to assess factors such as cost, warranty options and property size carefully to make sure you get the best deal possible from your new boiler installation. Ensure that professional advice is received before committing financially towards this form of investment since proper planning and technical advice can make all the difference between reaping its rewards over time or despair having made a bad investment.
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