What Are The Advantages Of An Ideal Logic Max Gas Boiler?

Not only will you get the long established and trusted IDEAL name behind it, the Ideal Logic Max boiler has a ten year parts and labour guarantee giving you confidence in your gas boiler long into the future.

Significantly the Ideal Logic Max boiler also means that you get a magnetic filter fitted at the time of your gas boiler installation which protects your boiler and heating system into the future by collecting debris from your gas boiler and heating system. The importance of this cannot be over emphasised.

Sludge and fine particles build up naturally in a central heating system over time. This is normal. Your heating system will be cleansed and flushed at the time of the gas boiler installation. After the filter is fitted it then collects the sludge and dirt before it builds up again in your gas boiler and your central heating system. If sludge builds up it can damage your boiler and cause cold patches in your radiators and even stop radiators and the boiler working completely.

The filter also boosts efficiency and reduces running costs. The filter itself has a 10 year guarantee.

When your boiler is serviced every year the magnetic filter is cleaned out so it can work its magic for the following year.

Ideal Logic Max Gas Boiler

New Ideal Logic Max Boiler Installation

Ideal Logic Max Filter

Get a Magnetic Filter Fitted at the Time of Your Gas Boiler Installation

Why Invest In A New Ideal Logic Max Boiler From AllGas?

Energy Efficiency: The Ideal Logic Max Combi Boiler is one of the most efficient combis on the market, achieving an amazing 93% efficiency.

Compact Size: The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is a compact cupboard fit, making it a great choice for homes where space is limited.

Warranty: The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler comes with a 10-year warranty, which can give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of any issues.

Ideal System Filter: The Ideal Logic Max Combi Boiler comes equipped with the Ideal System Filter. This high-efficiency, full-flow filter safeguards your heating system by eliminating the black iron oxide accumulations in the pipes.